Tuesday, June 30, 2015

SHIRT FIXES: from too snug to just perfect

I had a few nice shirts just hanging around in my closet, but I never wore them because they were a little too snug for my taste. I've never had too much success in the past, making a snug shirt a bit bigger, but I guess practice makes perfect, right?


With a ton of skirts in my closet, I need to focus on adding more shirts -- the cute, the casual, the funny, etc. With the three too-snug shirts, I experimented with three methods to make them a tad bigger.


For more pictures and details, please click here!


Jennifer Elliott


whatthesew said...

I am also still searching for the perfect way to make a shirt bigger. The triangle in the back method throws the side seams forward - I like your embroidery though, and the side panel method has a big impact on the armholes.

jennifer elliott said...

Luckily, the gray shirt didn't have the side seams, and I'm still kind of working out the kinks on the side panel method. Good luck to you on finding the perfect method and make sure you share it! I would love to learn more!

Jennifer Elliott, EOD