Saturday, June 20, 2015

Silk tunic to summer dress

I was drawn to this dress/tunic at my local thrift shop. And sure enough, it was silk. And I loved the colour.
But it was too big, and I didn't like the frill in the front.

- I removed the frill and the buttons, and sewed the buttons back on on their original place.
- I considered making the dress fitted, but I have seen a lot of clothing with a looser fit lately, and thought this dress would be a good candidate for that. So I only took it in a little at the sides.
- I elongated the pleats in the front about 10 cm (4"), to make the bodice more structured (and avoid the maternity shirt look). I took forever to pin straight!

- Lastly I managed to squeeze a narrow sash out of the scrap of frill fabric.

So while it might look like I just took the original tunic and accentuated the waist with a sash, I did do a little more ;-).
Sorry for the bad lightning
I look very much forward to wear this pretty and comfortable dress, when the weather gets warm
(it does! It must! Temperatures is still lingering around 12-15 C (53-60 F) here, and it is a tad cold in june, even for Scandinavia)



Maribel Arroyo said...

That is so pretry,and yes it takes time to do it but it's worth it!! Blessings!

Elizabeth Hill said...

Lovely! The tunic makes a beautiful dress!

And I'd love to have your weather for a day or two too! It's in the high 90s (fahrenhight) here, and it's just going to get hotter as we head into summer.

- Elizabeth, EOD
aka The Hungry Octopus