Tuesday, June 23, 2015

T-Shirt Refashions for the Whole Family

Today, I am going to start by sharing a few t-shirt refashions I have done recently.

A friend of mine gave me this old Vans shirt, which I previously used the back of to make my sons Halloween costume.  I saved the front and sleeves because I knew I could refashion it for myself somehow.  I had another shirt just like this that he gave me that was black and gold and I transformed that into a cool skirt.

The entire back is cut out of this shirt above.  I had some cool, stretchy, fish net like fabric that I thought would look pretty cool on the back.  Maybe giving it that Madonna 8o's meets grunge rock 90's kinda feel.  I just laid the shirt onto the stretch fabric, cut it to fit, pinned, and sewed.  It came together very easily.

Finished product:

Ready to rock and roll this summer!

For my son, I transformed a plain blue shirt by adding a screen printed image of one of his favorite Dragonball characters, Vegeta.  I did it the cheat way, with freezer paper.  I did my best to draw an image onto freezer paper, then cut it out.

I ironed the freezer paper onto the shirt, then painted black screen printing ink onto it.

Once it dried, I ironed it with a dry iron and let it spin in the dryer for 5 minutes to set the ink.

Here it is on!  He loves it!!  I can tell because it is the first shirt he picks out after laundry day :).

For my daughter, I had a plain black shirt I wanted to transform.  I had seen a lot of bleach shirt ideas on pinterest and wanted to try that out.  The black shirt was my perfect opportunity.  She loves pokemon, so I had her pick one of her favorites, Mew Two.  I traced the image onto freezer paper, cut it out, and pressed it onto the shirt with an iron.

I just used the bleach spray that I had on hand.  It only took a few light sprays.  You have to be careful not to saturate the freezer paper too much or the bleach will get under the image.  Next time I might try to double up the freezer paper, I think that would work better.

Here it is on!  
She loved it and so did her little pokemon loving friends at school.  

I tried to make something for my son using this technique on a red shirt, but the red really didn't respond that well to the bleach.  It's probably best to stick to darker colors if you want to try this.

3 new, unique shirts, not too much trouble!

Happy Summer Everyone!!


cfortin said...

Your t-shirts look great. I would love to know more about the freezer paper technique.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab

Lovenicky said...

Lovely technique! I've got to try it! Thanks!