Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A super dress

Before: two t-shirts
Ta-Da! A super dress
Superman is our families favorite super hero, so I knew I needed to reuse Joshua's old tee-shirt.  Plus, it had one spot and one little hole towards the bottom, so it was not in  "donate" condition.

This is not my best sewing job, but Gracie thinks it's amazing to have a superman maxi-dress.  (I'm trying to convince her to wear as pajamas, not an actual dress around town.)

I used her brother's outgrown superman shirt and an old red shirt from my stash.   I resized the superman shirt by an inch on each side, kept as much of the length from the red shirt (by request) and then sewed them together.

After I took this picture, I measured around her little waist and then added elastic at the waist seam, hoping it would give the dress a little more shape.  It didn't work.  The dress is still loose around her waist (should I have subtracted an inch or two from her waist measurement?)  Also, the red skirt portion was almost the same width, so there wasn't much room gathering needed.

Any ideas to do a better job next time?


RanchHouse said...

I am sure this is a favorite. Thanks for sharing.
Mary @ RanchHouse EOD

Saga said...

Cute superdress. I usually subtract 10-15% from the waist measurement to get the lenght of the elastic needed.The fabric stretches the elastic some. I'm guessing the same calculation would work with a dress like this.

Saga said...

I forgot to write that it is the measurement I use for skirts and trousers with elastic waist.

katlr said...

a bright yellow waistband would look great as well as blue/yellow pockets on the red skirt! Fun refashion!

jenny_o said...

Too cute, and your daughter looks so happy with it! Being someone who always wants comfort in my own clothing, may I suggest that it will be cooler because it's looser? That being said, I recently tried to gather shoulder seams of a shirt with a piece of stretched elastic and failed miserably. So I get your disappointment, and I'm also trying to find plan B.

Kathy W. said...

I LOVE it! If you sew a red or blue ribbon to the waistline it will bring it all together. You might even luck out and find superman ribbon. The ribbon will bring it all together visually and will be a sure hit with your daughter.

Good sewing mama!