Monday, July 06, 2015

Back in the swing

I'm baaaaccckkk!

In my last post, I mentioned I was going on a trip to Europe. Two weeks in France and Italy and my husband and I have decided we really want to try to move to France. Seriously. Our goal is, if we can make it work, to be packing up to move by 2020. In the meantime, as we're advancing our careers and learning French and saving money, it's back to sewing for me!

We've been back about a week, and some changes have been made! We spent way less money in Europe than we originally planned, so after some chatting, we decided that getting a serger was in the now for me! So we shopped and I got a Juki MO-1000, the one that has some air threading. That and another desk and my sewing corner is looking like so:

Now I just need to organize and decorate!

After the scary first time threading the serger, I couldn't wait to give it a twirl! I did a couple refashions some time ago that I only got to wear a couple times before the seams got so frayed I was scared they'd come apart. So in the closet they went, awaiting the glorious day a serger came...

Before: Soooooo frayed

After: Huzzah!!!

This silky fabric proved to be a disaster when cut

Juki makes short work of the problem!!
Here are the actual articles of clothing:

A silky green top that a friend gave me. It was several sizes too large so I took it in at the sides

Sideways! Rrrgghh! Oh well. This long sleeveless top was made from a hideous men's collared shirt. I took off the collar and sleeves, took it in, and cut a scoop neck in the back (so it could become the front and have the button placket down the back) Again, this was pre-co-op, so no tutorial pictures :(

Today I decided to work on an actual project!

I lovvveeedd this shirt when I saw it at Goodwill for like $3! Problem: It's about a zillion sizes too big

I did that thing where you put the piece on inside out and pinch/pin the extra fabric. I decided today I really dislike this method: I always screw something up and it ends up wonkily pinned and uneven. Husband may soon be helping me make own dress form!

This is the second try. The first time I sewed and tried back on, it fit perfectly... That is, not an inch of give. I like my clothing to be on the loose side, plus, I noticed the decal was too far to the left, so I sewed a new, looser line on just the left side and unpicked the old seam. I hate seam ripping more than anything. Also, that's my adorable dog Indy chewing a giant rawhide bone in the background :D

You can see the little holes where the first, too tight seam was. Serged edges; yaaaasssss

The final product! It's so long that, with leggings, it'd actually be a cute little mini-dress (a bit too mini for bare legs though LOL). I love the roses and the cotton is really heavy; I sense getting a lot of wear out of this one (not with the tie-dye skirt though. I was just too hot and lazy to change)
Sadly, we never managed to get to any thrift stores in France. We were just too busy! But I do want to share just one photo from my trip relating to fashion:

This beautiful woman sat atop a tomb in a church in Florence, Italy. She's very old; the 1600s I think? She's carved of marble. Look at her dress! The folds, the drape! I share this because I think it's good inspiration: if a master of old can create a beautiful, sheer, flowing dress with hand tools out of a piece of rock, you can do ANYTHING. Remember this beauty the next time a seam is coming out wrong or some trim isn't going on right :)

Until next time! Au revoir!


RanchHouse said...

Congrats on the serger. I love Juki.
You should be able to find a sewing friend through the net. I remember a blog of an American with small children living in France. It seems like she sewed, etc.
There is a thrift store close by our fav Barcelona hotel; umbrella, extra suitcase.
Ten years ago I picked up three coats in thrifts in Salzburg and hand carried them back to Texas in July. One long wool is still my best coat. Another jacket is on the refashion list.
Best wishes with the move.
Mary @ RanchHouse

Refashion said...

The serger looks as if it is a great tool for you. Such neat finishes! The finished roses dress looks great.

Debbie EOD

whatthesew said...

I have thought about buying one of those things too, not got round to it yet though.

Samwise J. said...

Mary, I love the Juki, too. It's so nice to finally have a serger! I'm excited that my items can now have a neat, professional finish.
Thank you Debbie! I wore it to work Monday with leggings and nice little shoes and my husband said the outfit looked great!