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Monday, July 20, 2015

Beating the Heat

As August approaches, it's been getting hotter and hotter here in Texas. So I decided to make a comfy little summer dress from this XL dress and a plain t-shirt.

Teal and Mint Summer Dress - BeforeTeal and Mint Summer Dress - Before

I chopped off the top of the dress and the bottom of the shirt and attached the two in pieces at the waist. Then I created a casing and threaded through some elastic. Couldn't be easier!

Teal and Mint Summer Dress - After

For more details and photos, visit me at CarissaKnits!

Teal and Mint Summer Dress - Before & After


RanchHouse said...

Hi Carissa,
I thought you were in hot, hot, hot Texas as your post confirmed.
I am an hour south of Dallas, north of Waco.
Cute dress, this is one of my favorite summer styles. I wear these in place of sun dresses when I need more coverage.
Mary @ RanchHouse

Samwise J. said...

I really need to try this T-shirt dress craze that is sweeping the refashion nation! *digs through pile*

RanchHouse said...

Take a look at Carissa's blog for great details and pictures on this refashion. This one has elastic added.

Carissa said...

Indeed, Mary, I am in Texas - in one of Dallas' northern suburbs actually.

Valerie said...

The colors look perfect together!

Refashion said...

Lovely colour matching, Carissa!