Thursday, July 16, 2015

Gingham Goodness!

Considering my affection for gingham, I was thrilled to find this dress on "half price dresses" day.  I loved the turquoise and black color and the velveteen covered buttons, but it did have a few issues, as noted.

I don't have any process photos for this one.  I essentially removed the sleeves and the collar, then raised the whole bodice up at the shoulder seams.  This brought the waist up, and the neckline!

I used a commercial pattern to cut new sleeves and armholes, then reattached them to the bodice.

I cut about 7" off the length and hemmed it with a small rolled hem.

With the excess cut from the bottom, I made a sash to tie around my waist. 

I'm loving this comfortable, cotton dress.  It's perfect for the sunny weather!
For more refashions, please visit by blog, Second Chances by Susan.  Thanks!


Amy Jo said...

That looks great! Good job!

alyrocco said...

This is really cute!!

Marisa Glied said...

So much better!

jennifer elliott said...

Great job! I love the dress!

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

Jean said...

Thanks so much for sharing this re-fashion.... love the way you redid the
neckline. Great ideas... and it turned out great!

Ladygirl Vintage said...

yes!! looks so good

cfortin said...

Love the transformation.

Cindy @
Upcycled Design Lab