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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I must hide the scissors from my apprentice.....

How can I be upset?  She sees me cutting clothes apart all the time....

When the back of the strap of this dress came out, my little girl desperately wanted to turn this into a one strap dress.  I took a look at the bodice and determined it would be an awkward and immodest design.  I told her I would sew the strap back on for her later that day. 

She took matters into her own little hands (she's 5 years old) and cut the strap completely off.  I keep looking at it, groaning that a 4 second repair has turned into this interesting challenge.  It was a $4.00 find at a thrift store, thank goodness.  It is made out of several layers, the top layer is maybe organza fabric?

Any ideas on how to salvage or re-work this pretty little dress?


Mommy-Wommy said...

How about a bow or fabric flower to cover the patch job you'll need to sew the strap back together?

That's great that you have a budding refaahionista and that she's learning from you!

Emmy said...

You could cut off the other strap and sew new, different colored straps on. Maybe a light blue or light green from your scrap pile?

Dejana Dee GV said...

Like Emmy said - maybe your little girl would enjoy some new fluffy tulle straps!

jenny_o said...

Maybe you could make thinner (even spaghetti-type) straps from the remaining wide strap. I think it's awesome that your little girl is interested in doing what you do, even if her choice of starting garment was perhaps not as well thought out as a grownup's would be :) Can you get a couple of thrifted items for her to "help" you make over? Good luck with fixing the dress!

RanchHouse said...

Please share your after with use. I was so glad to see the Refashion stopped with the straps. I see several great suggestions.
Thanks for sharing.
Mary @ RanchHouse EOD

g.satansbraten said...

O yea, quite some options - yet definitely no 4 second repair; sorry:

- divide the remaining strap and underlay both with some matching material (= use each division as 'centre-piece' ) of the matching size to the the old strap-outlet (sorry for my unqualified English) on the dress.

- make belt smaller and create new straps. Lazy version: decoratively 'false buttoned' to the former strap onset, so you don't have to open the dress seams to neatly do 'it right'

- get her that 'one shoulder' by going through some just as lengthy work and have a happy 'Little One'
It surely can be done modest (enough) to make the young still 'flat-chested Lady' (= nothing yet to be looked/stolen off ;-) ) happy.

Finally: PLEASE discuss future 'companion-ship' of working together ;-) !

LG, Gerlinde

Angela Gladwin said...

How about using a clear bra strap and giving you daughter her one-strap wish, modestly?

Helena A. said...

Make a skirt out of it!!!
Kisses from Portugal!

Jean said...

What about taking off the other strap... and using it to make two straps.