Sunday, July 05, 2015

Lace Sleeves

I started with what I think is a pretty cool cheetah print tank top from WalMart only $3! WOW!
I wanted to use my leftover cheetah print lace to add some sleeves to my new tank.

I measured the length of the arm holes from the front to the back. Then I cut two large triangles from my lace fabric.

The first sleeve pinned!

And there ya have it! A sleeved tank top! Or does it make it a t-shirt? I'm not sure...

 Here's a close up for you! Ohh pretty sleeves!

Even the swan family came to see my new shirt!

Happy Refashioning!!!

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Carissa said...

Cheetah lace with a cheetah print tank top? What a perfect combo!


TheRefashStash said...

Yeah!! Itsn't it awesome!?!