Thursday, July 23, 2015

Made in Italy, restyled in London

I pulled this garment from the 50p bin in my favourite charity shop
I think it was so cheap because it was in need of a wash and an iron.

I didn't know what it was meant to be, maybe a beach cover up bought on holiday in Italy.  The label said 'Made in Italy'  but no brand, and it was 100% linen.

There were some nice elements, the lace yolk at the back and the rope edge the collar.

The mottled colour reminded me of a cloudy summer sky.

I shortened the sleeves, took in some of the width and removed the two flaps at the bottom of the front, and was left with this.
I decided to keep the hemline shape higher at the front, but add a bright check binding.  I could also not resist adding this superdry badge because it featured 2 crossed sewing needles.

More details available here  Apparently I inserted an unusable link last time, hope it works now.

Finished look, its still quite roomy, worn around Old Leigh near Southend.  I like the check contrast against jeans. It needs ironing again!


Happy sewing x

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jennifer elliott said...

nice job. The shirt pairs well with jeans or pants.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD