Friday, July 10, 2015

My latest refashion and an invisible Refashion!

The other day I realized it had been a little while since I did a plain old skirt refashion!  Time to make a change!  I started with a knit skirt with an asymmetrical hem and ended with something I love.  Isn't that why we refashion?
You can read all about it on the Skirt Fixation blog!  Here is the direct link.  I've cropped it here, but I'm warning you now...I made some silly faces!
Now for the invisible refashion:
You can't see it, but inside the refashion I made is inside this quilt I sewed for Project Linus.

You see, I had a very old quilt that was mine as a child, and it was falling apart!  So I took it apart and used the batting from the inside to make this quilt.  Questions about Project Linus, this quilt pattern, or anything else?  Visit us at Skirt Fixation!!

1 comment:

Andrea said...

So glad to see this bitty quilt again :) And the skirt, though basic, is such a cool and easy piece to wear!!! Love both :)

Andrea EOD