Monday, July 27, 2015

The Bag Lady

Happy Sunday!

Did you know it's only like, 10 more paychecks till Christmas (for us biweekly folks)? You're welcome. I figure this year I have absolutely zero excuses as to why I shouldn't hand make at least a few gifts for some folks. What you see below will be one of those gifts!

When husband and I got married last year, we got a set of towels as one gift. With the towels came these decorative towel-topper things. No offense if anyone's into this, but we 100% are NOT. But they were so cute I knew they had to be something more!

Pin right sides together, sew, etc. Sewing down on the tiny little edge under the pom-pom trim was a right pain. I suppose in hindsight that I could have maybe taken the trim off and re-attached it after... But ain't nobody got time for that! The green fabric is going to be the lining.

I WAS going to serge ALL my edges, but this fabric is thick, and my serger was having none of it. I jammed it, broke 2 threads, had to un-jam, re-thread, and then tried adjusting tension, etc with basically the same result. So rather than risk breaking a 2 week old machine, I just stuck with a zig-zag stitch over the original line. Since this would be a bag (spoiler!), I wanted to make sure all the seams were 100% rock solid.

The outside, in the lining with wrong sides facing so that, once turned inside out, the pretty lining would be facing the right way inside

Fold hem under, pin, sew to attach lining

These corners had to be hand sewn down since they were so thick. My sewing machine is pretty tough, but not THAT tough. I sewed the rough corners nicely under to keep everything tidy

Straps! I chose a different fabric in a similar color scheme to that on the flowers

Sew, serge, and turn the tubes right side out with the help of Mr Safety Pin

I measured the edges of the bag and did some easy math to make sure the straps were even, both on the bag and in their length

The ole 'X in the box' trick. Again, I want this thing to be sturdy. Illy don't make junk!

Annndddd done! Does it look like it came from a factory? No. But is it AWESOME? 100% yes!

The outside

Inside. The lining came out looking 100% pro!

With a quick iron before the holidays, this baby will be ready to give! I'm not 100% sure who I'll give it to just yet; I want it to be actually useful and a person who doesn't use totes for much will probably find it nice, but not all too handy.
Only regret of this project? I should have added a little pocket or something on the lining, but oh well. Next time. This took me two whole evenings of work and I think my brain was a little tired by the end.

Hope you like it!



Carissa said...

MUCH cuter as a bag! Great job!


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