Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Upcycled Sewing Apron

For ages I had wanted an apron specifically for sewing, one that I could pop on and not have to worry about being covered in threads, but more importantly would double up as storage for my sewing notions as I needed them.
I wanted a loop to hold the measuring tape, and a small pin cushion of the other side. A select of small front pockets, divided up to store buttons or zips etc for the project I am working on.
I also didn’t really want something tied around my neck, so after some research, I found an apron that went over the shoulder and tied at the back.
All set, I drafted the idea, and then just in time I found a gorgeous cotton night gown I could up cycle into the sewing apron.



For further details on this project log onto
It is the sister website to, where I do all my crafty sewing.

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RanchHouse said...

Link to the website for details on this cute sewing apron project. This is such a smart way to keep threads from following you out of the studio.
Thanks for sharing.
Mary @ RanchHouse EOD