Monday, July 20, 2015

XL Pink Men's Dress Shirt Redesign





STEP 1: Remove collar and sleeves. Most importantly, introducing - Emma!

My sweet Emma, like most cats, prefers to sit on projects while they are being worked on. 

STEP 2: Use an old shirt that fits pretty well as a guide to estimate how much I need to take in the sides and how to angle the new sleeves. I turned the shirt inside out and used a marker to loosely outline the shape that I wanted for the sides and the sleeves. Then I sewed everything up and cut off the excess.

Optional: Use cat as paper weight in case shirts fly away

STEP 3: Make a new V-neck line. (Not pictured)

STEP 4: Cut off excess length and finish hem. This shirt is naturally shorter in the front and longer in the back. I wanted to keep this line so I used a ruler and marked 6 inches from the edge all the way around the shirt and connected the dots. I snipped away then finished off the edge.


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Gingham Ginger said...


Refashion said...

This is so lovely, I like the shape of the new top.

Debbie EOD

Heather Whatton said...

Thank you :)