Thursday, August 27, 2015

Cardigan from 'onesided' to reversible

I found this cardigan in the remnants sales pile in a supermarket. It was fine enough. Used open.

Or closed as a tunic or dress.

But it was the wrong side, that made me buy the cardigan. Not because it was nicer than the right side, but because the cardigan was double knit, so the wrong side also looked nice.
I just needed to do something about the seams being visible on the "wrong" side.

I removed the tabs. Then I sewed - from the right side - all the seams with a french seam. That way the visible seams on the wrong side are concealed and the wrong side can also be used as right side.
Close up from the right side:

And that was simply that. Now usable as a white with black, or black with white dress, cardigan or tunic. Whats that for multifunctional.

After, from the "right" side, The french seams are visible, but it is just a cool detail in the design (I could have stitched them down to the side, but it wouldn't have looked good in this stretchy knit fabric).


Kathy W. - One Brown Mom said...

So smart!

Valerie said...

Great idea! I have a very similar sweater that I like to wear inside-out. Now I've learned a way to hide the visible seams!

jennifer elliott said...

I love love love the pattern and the basic black-white color combination. Great find!

Jennifer Elliott EOD

Unknown said...

I love what you did here! Simple yet brilliant solution!