Saturday, August 15, 2015

Completely Maxi'd Out!


Hope you've had a great week :)

For this week's Refashion Runway Maxi challenge I took this sofa cover;

...draped, cut, and sewed up in such a way that I was left with this;

I can't even tell you how motivated I've felt through being a part of the Refashion Runway; and all the other seamstresses are making such inventive pieces... it's a dream!

Head over to my blog to read the whole process, and be sure to vote for your favourite - they're all fab, so I think you'll find it hard to choose! X

Gema x


jenny_o said...


whatthesew said...

This is an amazing transformation and it just goes to show there are no limits to your sources if you have imagination and vision.

Gema said...

Thank-you Jenny! :)

Gema said...

Thank-you so much x