Saturday, August 08, 2015

Day 1. Basic bag sewing: Dotted top into tote

I am doing a course in refashion for beginners on my blog, and had the posts for a week of bag tutorials ready a few weeks ago, when I saw that bags were part of the Refashion Runway challenge, week 3. So I decided to post the bagmaking post the same week.

I always loved this top of mine, and it was always too small. I decided to refashion it into something, that would get use by me: A tote.
I also used a piece of green cotton from the stash.

See my blog for picture tutorial on turn a top into a lined tote, with a lining that fits perfectly. TUTORIAL HERE.
I cut the lining so it corresponded with the shape of the top.

(I made the tutorial for how to line a bag as much for myself. I never remember what should be right side out and what should be wrong side out, and how they should be placed in relation to each other. No more).

Ready, steady, going to the beach.

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Carissa said...

How cute! I'm a sucker for polka dots. I would carry this bag everday!