Monday, August 10, 2015

Day 3. Basic bag sewing: Skirt to shoulder bag

A skirt almost asks to become a bag. Sew the bottom of the skirt closed and add handles, and you have a bag. This shoulder bag is made according to that simple concept.

A too small and too short skirt in waxed cotton. And a bit of white cotton.

I cut off the hem to use as shoulder strap. I closed the raw edges.
I closed the bottom of the skirt and sewed across to make a flat base.

If the thought of doing a lining by sewing right side of bag and wrong side of lining...or  is it wrong side of bag and right side og lining....or wrong side to wrong side??
Anyway, if it is too daunting just yet, and afterthought-lining is a great idea.
(It was also a good idea in this bag, as I wanted the lining to be below the wiast band).

HERE I show how to make and attach a simple lining, You sew the two pieces together placed the way they will appear in the finished bag.

Finished shoulder bag.

You want an outside photo, like with the other bags? This is a far as I am willing to go outside. Rain rain rain rain... summer please come back.


RanchHouse said...

This looks so good, even in the rain.

Refashion said...

The bag looks fab- I like the squared off base shape

Debbie EOD

jenny_o said...

I like the use of the hem for the strap - saves some work. Love how this turned out.