Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Day 4. Basic bag sewing. Sequin top to bucket bag.

Silk, sequins, lovely colour, but I just didn't use this lovely top.
I decided to make it into a bucket bag. The bucket bag is a simple shape, and fairly easy to make from tops.

It already had a lining. Less work for me.

I turned the top upside down, so the sequin edge was at the top.I cut the bag to a rectangular shape and sewed it to a tube.
I used the remnants to piece together a square bottom, and sewed it to the bag.
I put in grommets all the way around below the sequin edge and pulled black ribbon from my stash through it.
Lastly I attached the handles, that came from an old, worn out, bag.
The fabric is soft, so I made a base of a piece of cardboard and some heavy outdoor fabric.

A lovely bit of boho chic.

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cfortin said...

Cute new bag!

Cindy- EOD
Upcycled Design Lab