Thursday, August 13, 2015

Day 6. Basic bag sewing. Crossbody bag updated to backpack.

A grey crossbody bag from IKEA. I liked it, but it had a bothersome closure, and I had wanted it to be a backpack, so I didn't buy it. Not until I found one in the As-is section missing its strap and on a 60% discount.
And my old 20 Dkr. backpack, that I decided to sacrifice.



I removed the shoulder straps from the black backpack.I sewed carabiners to each end of both straps.

At the bottom the back both had big and small loops, and the carabiners fit into the small ones.

At the top I sewed small loops made from thick ribbon onto the big loops. Both because the existing ones were too wide for my carabiners, but also because I needed the loops to be angled the opposite way.I sewed back an forth about 20 times to make sure that the loops were securely attatched.

Now the front.

The crossbody that a very nice looking closure. It was just annnoyingly impractical. So I removed it.

I made two small loop of a piece of ribbon from the original closure.

I found a nice looking, big carabiner.

I put one loop on the big ribbon on the front of the bag.

And I used the other one to attach the carabiner to the bag flap.

Lastly, and just for looks, I cut a piece of faux leather from an old skirt, making sure to include as many seams and details as possible (for a rustic look).

Done and ready for adventure.


jennifer elliott said...

Nice job! I love personalizing backpacks and turning them into something useful.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

jenny_o said...

Oh, neat! I'm impressed! I love how you added your own touches. And I'm looking at carabiners in a new way now.