Sunday, August 16, 2015

Etc, etc, etc

Hi Ladies!

Well, between my sister visiting, a reallyyy busy couple weeks at work, and celebrating my 1 year wedding anniversary, I've had exactly 0 time or brainpower to do much lately. I have managed to squeeze in a few little projects these last few weeks, and here they are. I promise, more exciting things to come soon!

A no-sew refash of a men's shirt. The design, in case it's hard to see, is a boom box with headphones attached. No before picture, I got a little excited before I started hacking into it, then realized when it was all done that no photos had been taken.... But I'm sure you all can imagine a men's XL tee!

I cut off the sleeves, neck, bottom, and then cut strips in the side which I then tied to create the look below

It was still a bit baggy over all, so I gathered the back and held it in place with a little loop of fabric

This dress is from the 'Giant box of things my XS/S BFF sent me' collection. It fit almost perfectly, but the bust was a leeeettllleee  too tight

I started by removing the elastic in the back, which right there gave it some more room.

I cut the straps, then down each side of the bust so I could insert some black jersey gussets

Inserting these little triangles was a paaaiiinnn. Getting them even on each side and an even width was a multi-try process

And done! I added the black on the straps too to make them longer
Side gussets. It looks a little loose because I wasn't wearing a bra...  With the proper undergarments, it now fits perfectly, AND that little seam you see there is a pocket. A business casual dress with pockets that now I can breathe in. Woo!

Here is an old pair of husband's pajama pants. I decided to make them into a skirt

Thanks for helping make sure everything is lined up correctly, Leon. 

I did the classic 'cut the legs apart, sew, leave a back vent' method. I then hemmed it a little because it was a scoosh too long

Not bad for a first attempt! It's obviously not for wearing out in public, and it's not perfect... I'm only 99% happy with it. More edits may be made in the future. The fabric around the knee area I think is a little too stretched to hang entirely right

But it has pockets! That's a huge plus, right?

Hugs to all!


RanchHouse said...

Congratulations on the anniversary.
Thanks for sharing these projects with us.
Mary @ RanchHouse Subbing for Sunday EOD

Samwise J. said...

Aww thanks Mary! I can't believe it's already been a year!