Thursday, August 20, 2015

Linen Tunic Take II

This is a before pic of a linen-ish tunic (except it's turned inside out). I always liked the waist belt, but it seemed kind of blah.  So I decided to add some black trim for definition.

But I never wore it. (This was years ago). It looks something the dress Cora is wearing on the cover of the Downton Abbey Season One DVD.  And it wasn't really my goal to look like an Edwardian matron. 

So I took off the trim and dyed it with Rit dye.  I used Petal Pink with just a touch of Tangerine Orange (could maybe have added more orange, but the first time I mixed up a batch, the dye looked really orange-y). I'm finally happy with the result.  Let's see if I actually wear it!  (By the way, both the tunic and these pants had to be let out in the intervening years!) 


jennifer elliott said...

Just a little bit of color is a bit of magic! I love the new color. I would definitely wear it more!

Jennifer Elliott EOD

jenny_o said...
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jenny_o said...

The colour was the problem all along! It looks so nice on you now.