Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Minor alterations

I have finished a few items from the minor-alterations-pile.

Too small dress. Now a very useful cardigan.

Indian tunic. I took it in at the sides, removed most of the decoration at the neckline og shortened it.

Hugo Boss silk shirts. A size too small. I wanted them to still be figure hugging, but in my size. I added a piece of lace elastic to the back of both. I cut the lace 1 cm shorter than the back.

A wrap blouse. I cut the fronts from the opposite sides and sewed them to their "own" sides in stead = cardigan.

Too dark pictures, unfortunately. But the before dress had frills and lace and sleeves and lace on top of frills. I removed everything down to the core dress.

I also set little wedges in below the armhole to make better room for the bust.


RanchHouse said...

The little wedges are a good tool to keep in mind. I often add a full length to the side, but that much added all of the way down is not always needed. I wonder if taking out little wedges might be good in taking in some larger tops I have. Thanks for sharing this idea and the others.

cfort82 said...

You have been busy. I really like the cardigan idea.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab