Friday, August 07, 2015

Not a sewalong - dress

I am not a gingham person ( I am referrring to Refashion Runway Season 3, Week 2).
I really tried to figure out some way, I would like it. I Pinterested myself blue in the head. But no, I just can't do with gingham. Too cute, too kitchen curtains. And I don't care that it is in fashion right now.
But I did find this in the sale pile in my local fabric store, having gingham on my mind. A water repellant cotton fabric. And I actually liked it. I bought a remnant of it to make at pair of spats. But obviously it is not a refashion.
Disqualified for not using an existing wearable.

Quite a few tartan and checkered garments had also shown up, when I Pinterested gingham. So I decided to do a checkered refashion.
Disqualified for using a checkered fabric other than gingham. But luckily I am only sewing along.

A too large checkered skirt and the top of a dress from a previous refashion.

- I took the skirt in a the sides.

- I used the cutoff to make an asymmetric tube to use as neck adornment:
I haven't attached it yet. I am not sure of how it will look best.
- I sewed the top and bottom together and topstitched.

- Lastly I sewed black ribbon from my stash onto some of the seams of the skirt to give the dress a little edge.

It is SO me. It will be perfect for fall.


Valerie said...

I like the ribbon around the waistband. It really adds a little something!

jennifer elliott said...

I love this dress! It's so cute with a touch of vintage. Great job.

Jennifer Elliott EOD