Thursday, August 13, 2015

ReFashion for Beginners - Pants into a skirt

I've done several blog posts on converting pants into a skirt.  I just converted another pair last night and I remembered to take pictures.  Here is my latest pants to shirt conversion.

It's hard to tell the color of the pants from these pictures, so here's a close up of the fabric.

This refashion is IDEAL for beginners and can be completed in less than 1 hour.  If you're experienced, it can be completed in about 20 minutes.  Yes, it's THAT easy!

Two step by step tutorials + a post on tips and tricks are on my blog


jennifer elliott said...

Turning pants or shorts into a skirt is my go-to project. I agree that it's a great project for beginners. Great job!

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

jenny_o said...

Okay, this was the tutorial that finally got me to try this refashion. Wish me luck :)