Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Refashion for Vacation

I needed a beach cover up for vacation. Since my New Year's Resolution was to not buy any new or thrifted clothing until I went through my refashion pile, I had to refashion one. I had this dress from 2 summers ago that I haven't really worn since. Partly because it is a bit short for me. But the light knit fabric was perfect for the beach. This one was easy because all I did was to chop off the sleeves.

I also did another quick refashion for vacation. I was gifted this nightgown which I loved because the fabric is so soft. But I really don't wear nightgowns, so I considered this for my beach cover up. But decided to go with the above cover up and use this one for a shirt.  


             And finally I refashioned a pair of capris that I never wear into shorts. I bought the shirt last year but my daughter asked if I made it! I will definately  use it as an inspiration for a refashion in the future : )



RanchHouse said...

Vacations may be my favorite Refashion event.
You really gave me some ideas for an upcoming Carib cruise/beach vacation.
I can think of several dresses that I have been stuck on for Refashions. With a little work, they would make good cover-ups for beach or even around the ship.
Thanks for sharing,
Mary @ RanchHouse EOD

jenny_o said...

I like your New Year's Resolution and think I need to do the same, except not wait until the new year ... Those are both good useful refashions and turned out very well.