Saturday, August 08, 2015

REFASHION: fun with pillowcases

Bless my niece's heart because she wants to learn to sew and started asking me at the beginning of summer. On a rainy day, Tova and I worked on two pillowcases from my refashion stash. She decided to turn the grey pillowcase into a wrap skirt and the white pillowcase into a cross body purse.


I've made two or three wrap skirts in the past, but I just wasn't super confident with my sewing skills back then. Now, I'm definitely more confident when creating cute elastic waist skirts, but Tova had her heart set on a wrap skirt.


With the second pillowcase Tova wanted a cute little cross body purse. Hmmmmmm. I tried to create a purse a long time ago, but my patience and attention span distracted me from the project. A small purse for my niece? Shouldn't be too hard, right? 


For more pictures and details, click here.

Jennifer Elliott


Carissa said...

Ah, inspiring the next generation to pick up crafting. Way to go! And that's such a cute little purse. Love it!


jenny_o said...

So cute! And kudos for helping her learn the ropes. I still remember the people who showed me how to do handcrafts and am so glad they took the time.