Sunday, August 16, 2015

ReFashion Runway Sew Along - Maxi Dress

This week i'm doing dual duty.  Not only is this a refashion, but it's also an ikea hack.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I saw this duvet at GoodWill and I liked it.  It wasn't until I began to cut it apart that I discovered that it was from ikea.

Turns out, this $7.99 duvet is actually an Ofelia Vass ($49.99) duvet from Ikea.  Who knew!?

Anyway - on to the dress.

This weeks challenge for the Refashion Runway was to make a maxi dress or shirt.  I'm a fan of the Maxi, but as a plus size girl it's hard to find a garment that has too much fabric.  In the absence of some obscenely long thing for me to cut into a dress, I opted for this duvet.

The dress is a simple design accented with a bright silk sash from a failed refashion that was on my sewing room floor.

In truth, EVERYTHING from this refashion is basically junk from my sewing room.

The tutorial for the silk sash, veil, flowers, earrings and the dress are on


RanchHouse said...

Congrats for an awesome run on the ReFashion Runway!
Be sure to visit
Kathy is busy and has much to share.
I will be watching for this one on IKEA Hackers.

Mary @ RanchHouse subbing as Sunday EOD

era chandok said...

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Accidental Seamstress said...

This is beautiful, Kathy!