Sunday, August 30, 2015

REFASHION: Skirts for Shelby


I love making skirts for my 3-year-old niece, Shelby, and what I love more is Shelby loves wearing skirts! Yay! With old bed sheets taking up a ton of room in my stash, I decided matching skirts for my nieces and my sisters. Once I made one simple skirt for Miss Shelby, I needed to make more. The skirts aren't fancy by any means -- simple elastic waist -- but I really enjoy making tiny little skirts.


I had some fun with the cute yellow lace skirt made from an old bed sheet that my parents kept from the 1970s. Because the sheet was a little see-through-ish, I created a layered lace skirt using my lace stash and remnants from the other four skirts I made from the sheet. I couldn't complete the skirt in one night since I had to forage for scraps from the other skirts.


And, finally, Shelby's last skirt was made from another unsuccessful skirt of mine and a remnant from a pillowcase. I cut the contrasting fabrics into three- to four-inch strips and sewed the strips to together -- gray, white, gray, etc. From there, I hemmed the skirt, created a casing, inserted a piece of elastic, and stitched the side seam. Done!

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Jennifer Elliott

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Carissa said...

Super cute! I'm sure your niece will love them!