Thursday, August 06, 2015

Sew here's one I made earlier

I wandered down to my favourite charity shop and Oh no! it was closed for the summer (it's in a school), so I thought I would post my first re-fashion which I made before discovering re-fashion co-op.

I own a lot of scarves which I don't wear enough but have such lovely fabric.

There are no before pictures but I think you can work out what I did with this viscose scarf and cotton t-shirt.

This is the rather messy inside of the t-shirt where I sewed the scarf corner on, but did not cut away all of the t-shirt fabric.  This helps with the stability of the thing.  I left the back of the t-shirt as it was.

I'm going to use this method again, but the scarves fray a lot and some don't wash well and some are vintage so it would be wrong to cut them up. So guess what I've done, yep I've bought some  extra ones.

It was also quite fiddly to get the points of the arms and shoulders exactly in the middle, but I was and still am, pleased with the result.


GeekyArtsyMommy said...

That's beautiful! And gives me an idea for a dress that I've been stumped on how to fix up!

Amy Jo said...

That is such a unique shirt! I love what you did!

jennifer elliott said...

I love it too! What a great way to save a shirt and scarf. Great job.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

Gema said...

Love that!!