Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tent to Minidress!

I started with a plus sized dress with a bulky design offering maximum coverage - floor length, a thick layer of lining, a padded bust. And like a sculptor I began hacking away until a new shape emerged...
I cut off the sleeves, I cut off the lower tier of the bottom, I lowered the neckline, pulled in the bust by adding darts, tailored the sides of the dress to fit. What I ended up with is (possibly in protest to the original form?) a teeny tiny minidress. I will hafta wear this one with shorts to avoid pulling a Marilyn....

But what I like best about this refashion is that it started out in a size so wrong for me that I had to really work to make it the right size. So it ended up with really well fitting tailoring on the tight bodice. Often, strapless dresses kinda slide down, etc. I don't think this one will - it fits as snug as a bug! LOL and of course I like showing off the gams too :P This one was fun to do!

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cfort82 said...

Cute refashion and pretty fabric.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab