Monday, August 31, 2015

National dress refashion

This is a refashion out of the ordinary for me. And one that has been long underway. In fact it was one of the reasons I started refashioning.

My grandmother gave me her folk dress about 10 years ago. I wanted to alter it to fit me, but had difficulty gathering the courage for it. When she died in april, honored be her memory, I decided that now was the time. And that I had the skills now to pull it off.

I took the bodice in at the sides, and altered the garment, so in stead of being a full dress, it is a waistcoat with a skirt, that attaches to it. Everything is hand sewn with linen thread

In the picture I am only wearing the dress, so I could show it.
****But I want to point out that the dress needs to be worn with knitted blouse, apron, shoulder scarf, coif and silver pins to be correct.****
The full outfit will look like this one.

I still need to make the knitted blouse and the coif (unfortunately I wasn't the one, that got my grandmothers amazing coif, that you can see in the blogpost), but they aren't refashions.
For the geeks, here is the full post on the dress and the refashion. It is VERY image heavy:


Minnado said...

What a lovely thing to hae inherited. I like the way you have altered the dress

Debbie EOD

Gema said...

Lovely job :)

RanchHouse said...

Thank you so much for sharing your family treasure and your process in preserving it.
Part of my love for sewing came from the childhood dolls which were dressed in folk dresses.
Please share with us again as you add to and wear the full folk dress.
Mary @ RanchHouse
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