Monday, September 07, 2015

An outfit one year in the making

Because I always have several dozen projects of various kinds going on at once, things tend to get cast aside and lost in the shuffle of my scattered home/life. This is one of those projects. Let's go back in the summer of 2014...
Wow. Everything was so different back then (please note that I'm kidding.) I took a "before" picture of this green and black dress before I started messing with it. It has that "80s does 40s" look that I like and a gorgeous print. Of course, like most of my dresses from this era, it's just too much dress.
I guess that I moved onto other refashions and lost motivation for this one. It sat in the pile that I keep in a suitcase for "stuff I'll do later."
Fast forward...I finally finished something I started!
It's not visible in this picture, but I'd like to note that this is no longer a dress. It's a skirt and top. Here's the full post on my blog Craft, Thrift, or Die


jenny_o said...

Nice! I like how you solved the issue of fit without a zipper or other closure.

Samwise J. said...

I love that print! Completely bonkers. Looks great! :)

Refashion said...

Lovely dress now and what great fabric

Debbie EOD