Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Category 3

In true 'I-probably-should-have-gone-to-law-school' style, I've created the category of 'harvesting' for my current plan to refashion or donate anything in my stash made with a knit or jersey fabric.

Criteria? Processed, if not cut, for a very specific project and nothing else. First, though, I put two XL unworn two piece sleep suits into the guest room drawers for any guest that might need a bit more warmth when visiting my often chilly and damp corner of the world. I felt a little weird putting these into a charity donation bag, but I have plenty already for Cancer Research next week and (IMHO) am a good host for anticipating my guests' possible needs so we'll call it even karma.

A pair of lonely bottoms has been disassembled to make a pair of much more fitted leggings using my go-to Kwik Sew pattern; however, this gets a tag that reads 'first project to try with new Janome overlocker'. Elastic drawstring waistband is off and the inseam seams removed making it ready to cut and go once the overlock arrives. I'm getting it Saturday!

I bought this top

for the express purpose of wearing this way (pull over your head skipping the arms, then pull the arms up around the back of your neck and tie, not all together unlike this refashion from last summer),

but: meh. I'm done with this style I think, so sliced it up for the ONE basket of large pieces (shortest dimension 12 inches/30cm) I've decided to keep. Said scraps take up about a third of the new and improved knits and jerseys tub on the below left (shown on top of the old tub, which held four to five times as much...and did not actually CLOSE a few weeks ago when I started this specific refashion project).


It is the first day of fall and the garden informs me it will hike itself up and move if I don't start showing it more love. Okay, garden. The hair accessories and belt I want to make out of knit scraps will keep for rainy day projects. Plus there's this, which is on my refashion bucket list. Just the top part though. Looks like another good project for my 9200D. 


Renata Laura said...

Hair accessories sounds fun! I have second thoughts about refashions too !

RanchHouse said...

Exciting on the new machine. Let us know how it works.
I have in mind a new Juki serger, just because I love my regular Juki so much.
Mary @ RanchHouse eOD