Sunday, September 20, 2015

Cream and sugar?

I wasn't sure what to refashion from the knits/jersey/old Ts/airline sleep suits tub today --- until I read Mary's post (see below).

A coffee drinking refashion. Seriously. How perfect is that?

This sleeveless top, much worn and much loved (with the right undergarments it made me look a fair bit bigger than the 'A' the good Lord decided to make me), was taken in at the sides last summer in -- I confess here -- a rather slipshod fashion with the result being armholes that were too tight. In to the tub it went. So it would be more season-spanning I'd assigned it to the 'Add/subtract sleeves pile' and already chose some scraps for the sleeves, though not the length of said new sleeves.

And now I have a coffee drinkin' refashion. The bod may be improving with diet and exercise, but my personal modesty level is going up so this is just for the kitchen and sunroom now -- or for dashing out to the back garden to fill the bird feeders. Since stitching on a pair of roomy arms harvested from a Qantas First sleep suit took no time at all, I made some coffee and put the

in the washing machine. Why these three? Got too much grey stuff to refashion and no more black, the purple top has bleach (?) stains and the XXL T-shirt in pink is part of that dress fail I published the other day and I've had enough of that pink. I'm quite fond of the all in one machine dye sold at my local supermarket (denim blue and black only) so when I see it on offer I think 'I should get that for future projects, shouldn't I?'.

That would be why there are 2 still in the laundry and dye supply box. Sigh. Perhaps it's too much coffee. Luckily they don't seem to have a best by date and I have a couple pair of black jeans in the denim tub (next on the list). Dye results in my next post!


RanchHouse said...

Yes, I agree my modesty level has gone up as the body has changed. I think this has been the motivation for my nightgown refashions.

I followed your sunroom and garden on your blog this summer. Both look worthy of their own wardrobes.

g.satansbraten said...

Due to the huuuge range of availability of dye in your surrounding I take it you're Australian (= 'grmpf Hi5') ?!

LG, Gerlinde

Carissa said...

Can't wait to see the results!


IWOM said...

Gerlinde -- it's just the big box grocery store that has the blue and black all in one dye! Got several spots here in the UK for dye, but truth to tell I tend to stock up when I am on my original side of the pond given the lower price and greater variety. I did have a go with Chinese dye when Himself and I were in Hong Kong for a couple years, which was quite an adventure. My Cantonese never got quite up to scratch so I think I must have misinterpretered the nice shopkeeper's instructions....