Friday, September 25, 2015


The knits/jersey fabrics/old Ts/Airline sleep suits tub is empty, save for one carefully chosen pile of large scraps for some belt and hair accessory projects to keep me occupied some cold bitter snowy day.

(Which could be only weeks away. Marrying a guy from a Mediterranean climate was unfortunately something I never considered...).

The final two projects, completed yesterday when the rain kept me from garden work for most of the afternoon, took less than two hours. I wanted to make at least one color/colour block item so chose Simplicity 1698 view A, the rest of the Qantas sleep suit top (sleeves used here) and a very worn T of Himself's which has been in the tub for a couple of years.


It was easy enough to add three inches to the lower pieces. I'm leaving the edges raw for now since this falls under a Coffee Drinkin' Refashion and is only for the house/sunroom/garden. Plus, I need some things on which to practice rolled hems once my overlocker/serger arrives!


As for the last of the black dyed items, I was all set to do a Wobisobi lattice back T (even re-calcualted her math to eliminate that spare length on the left side of her design) but mere moments before cutting 


I said to myself 'IWOM, this simply isn't your style. It's a wonderfully cool idea but really, where are you going to wear this?'

I went for another simple T vest for over Ts and tanks.


The spring/summer to fall/winter clothes changeover is scheduled for this weekend and I have no doubt I'll acquire some more Ts from Himself which I can use just to have some fun with too-young-for-me designs that can go right to a charity shop to find a home on the back of a money-saving hipster. I've made dozen and dozens of quilts in the past nearly thirty years and only kept two, my very first and my most recent. For me, the fun is in the doing, not the owning. I feel that way about refashions especially. 

For the whole (pretty darn impressive IMHO) collection, starting here on RFC September 13, click here

On to the cottons tubs, but not before a good clear up in that messy sewing room. 

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Andrea said...

Great color blocking! I love that and appreciate the simplicity of the vest (an item I want to make and for some reason have not yet attempted). Perhaps my newly unpacked sewing stash will provide just the right piece for the job!

Andrea EOD