Saturday, September 12, 2015

Fabulous Fall Sweater Dress Refashion

I love love love fall, so I have been holding on to this sweater dress from the 80s that I found at my favorite thrift store. The top part fits perfectly, the bottom didn't fit so well. I decided it would make a perfect fall sweater!

Here it is before on my dress form:

And here it is after I finished with it! You'll have to pardon my use of bathroom selfies :)

I just love that it has pockets!

You can see the full refashion with details about how I handled this crazy knit fabric in the post on my blog, Em-provising. 


jenny_o said...

What gorgeous colours! Great idea to make over those 80's sweater dresses :)

Carissa said...

Wow! Less is definitely more! Now it's quirky and fun instead of dated and frumpy.