Saturday, September 05, 2015


I have a special bra size, and can never find cheap bras. So I was motivated to repair and refashion this worn out bra.

The straps had disintegrated from wear (at the top in the picture). The washing machine had also tried to eat it, leaving little holes/bruises.
I had been given the top at the bottom. It didn't support enough.
So I decided to combine the two.

I gathered the sad, broken pieces of the bra straps and zigzagged them together, and I removed the padding from the top.
Then I pinned and stitched the top to the bra. It was a bit of a hassle, and took a loooong time, but it wasn't too diffucult.
I cut the straps of the top to fit the straps of the bra and stitched them togehter. I left the adjustable part of the bra straps uncovered, so they would still be adjustable.


Except for one little thing. The original bra was a bit too small. I used the fabric, I had cut off the straps of the top, to cover the middle of the new bra top. This way the volume of the bust is contained better. 


And open. The top in itself was too stretchy to work as a bra, så I kept the bra closure. Although there are two closures now, the fit is non-lumpy and it fits nicely.



RanchHouse said...

It is good to see another bra refashion. This can be such a tricky area.
The lace is so pretty on your new bra. Great save.
Mary @ Ranch House

jenny_o said...

I agree with Mary - great save and very pretty.

jennifer elliott said...

I like the idea of combining the two bras to make one pretty and useful one. I like the bralette style. Great job.

Jennifer Elliott EOD