Friday, September 04, 2015

Handkerchief dress refashion

BEFORE- Forgot to take a pic, but the dress looked like this. Except it was ill fitting and badly made. I'm short and busty. So the torso portion gave extremely poor coverage, and the bottom was too long - kept dragging on the floor. Also, the dress was quite uneven - one side fell about six inches lower than the other side. All in all it was a cute design that was poorly executed and just not working on me.

AFTER - I took the beaded neckline off a camisole I never wore because it was otherwise a frumpy gray ill-fitting top. I cut the spaghetti straps and turned it into a halter. Then I cut off the torso part of the dress and shortened and hemmed the bottom. This left me with a skirt shape, which I attached to the beaded neckline. The front view, with or without a belt, is shown here. And it is a low back, although I'm not a contortionist so couldn't manage a selfie from that angle! LOL

It was easy. It's a cute style. I hope it inspires!


Queen Of Rods said...

That is a really cute refashion, and it looks great on you. I especially like it with the belt, and the beaded neckline was a great touch :)

Unknown said...

Looks nice! It looks so much cuter now, that fabric is so pretty and I like the neckline with it.

jenny_o said...

I love the neckline change; looks lovely. I'll be keeping this in mind for any kind of top where I don't care for the existing shape or cut.

jennifer elliott said...

Easy? Hmmmmmmm. I like easy projects that make me look great! :) I love the addition of the belt with the dress. Great job. I'll have to remember this project for a rainy day.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD