Sunday, September 13, 2015

It's about time....

So, having decided to tackle the jersey/knits/old Ts/airline sleep suits tub, I started with a project we've all seen round t'internet: bottom half (ish) of an old T cut and pulled like so:

I got a liiiittle obsessed but managed to stop at four by lunch: three plain infinity loops

and a scarf/necklace with large beads leftover from my days of teaching Chinese knots. 

The number three cord size holes were just right for the size strips I cut, but I put knots on either side just in case.

A too-short tank top and too-deep-a-neckline stripe T got together to make a short dress destined to go straight into the summer clothes box when we do our wardrobe changeover next weekend.

The bottom of that black tank became that bead scarf/necklace above. The sleeves of the stripe T were just right for the too-tight armholes of a work-out shirt.

Four patterns from my pattern clear out yesterday are currently matched up ready to go with a fair amount of the contents of the jersey/knits/old Ts/airline sleep suits tub (it's a biiiiig tub). Everything leftover at the end of next week goes into a sack for my pal who is area coordinator of the Girl Guides if it has been cut and to Cancer Research if it is a garment still in one piece. How's that for a self-imposed deadline?!? Sometimes you just need to have a refashioning blitz, don't you?


RanchHouse said...

Good to see your post. These are some great end of season saves.
Hope you have a chance to wear them before the season change over.
Mary @ Ranch House

Carissa said...

So many lovelies in one post! Those t-shirt scarves are so soft and comfy - I speak from experience! And I love the black and striped tank top too!