Saturday, September 26, 2015

REFASHION: Side seam practice

While rummaging through my refashion stashes, I discovered three T-shirts that weren't quite ready for my T-shirt quilt bin. Unfortunately, the three tees were a bit too small for me, but with a little tampering, the tees fit me again! In a previous post, I tried several methods to enlarge a shirt and found a simple process that I liked.


With the brown Holt International tee, I cut two strips from a yellow refashioned skirt that I never wore and simply inserted them into the side seam. The process was simple because I used the skirt's hem (I love no-hem refashions) and aligned it with the shirt's hem. I like the "sporty" look of the yellow strips and the strips match the yellow font.

In my stash, I had an old white lace tank in need of repair, but I felt the material would be better used as strips for the Dunder Mifflin T-shirt and an old family T-shirt (dark blue with white writing). For the Dunder Mifflin shirt, I used the non-lace side of the tank, matched the tank and shirt hems, and sewed the white strips into the open side seams.

For more pictures and words, click here.

Jennifer Elliott

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Elizabeth Hill said...

What a great way to save your tees! I have a lot of tops that could use this treatment. I better get to work!

- Elizabeth, EOD
aka The Hungry Octopus