Sunday, September 27, 2015

Rehash of a Refash!

What's kickin', chickens???

I wish I could say something glorious has been taking up my time but honestly, since work has been kicking my BUTT these last few weeks, previous weekends have been devoted to sleeping in embarrassingly late, doing as little as possible, an playing a lot of Minecraft with the husband. My weeks have been so busy that lately, the idea of doing anything as complex as sewing on weekends has been almost unappetizing. But things are starting to settle down again, and I think I'll be back to the bobbins in no time!

Here's a little ditty I whipped up a few weeks ago:

Remember this skirt that I felt meh about? Well it was on my mind, bugging me. I was annoyed that it was in my closet and I knew deep down I would never wear it

So first I tried to make shorts. Fail. Then I tried to make a miniskirt. Fail.

THEN I tried to make a miniskirt with some panels in it to make it fluffier. FAIL
So at this point, I'm an hour and a half in and nothing to show for it. So I took the whole thing and started from zero: I cut off as much fabric as I could and sewed it together, like so

I then found an old mint-striped bedsheet in my stash and used that as the other half. They don't match at all but they contrast in a neat way
I serged and sewed and joined both the ends together (which was another pain in the behind but hey, I'm not here to gripe!)


A neat infinity scarf! Husband thinks it looks really good. We're going home to NorCal this Xmas to visit my family, and this baby already has a spot in my suitcase (since scarves in AZ are a joke)

I really like how this turned out. The only beef I had was trying to get the ends together into a loop. Does anyone have some tips or tidbits on how to do that properly? Or any tutorials they know that are good? I'm thinking if I can get the technique down that infinity scarves may become a thing in the gift rotation :)

Until next time!



RanchHouse said...

WIN!!!!! I saw a similar contrast in the last few days. You nailed it. Search for tutorials on the ends. I sew my long sides first, right sides together. Turn right sides out. Then put right sides of the ends together and machine stitch as much as you can. Slip stitch the closing together by hand.

Carissa said...

I don't know how many times this has happened to me! Sometimes I go through 3 or 4 iterations of a refashion before I finally have something I like. Your perseverance has paid off though - I love this scarf!


Samwise J. said...

RanchHouse; I did that, I think I'm not too good at slip stitching yet because it didn't turn out quiitteee how I wanted (a little untidy). Thanks Carissa; I was annoyed with it and even more annoyed it was sitting in my closet as something I wouldn't wear... I wear all my clothes, I have a lot, but I hate pushing past things I won't wear to get to stuff I will... Does that even make sense???