Monday, September 21, 2015

Result. On to Cincinnati.

For my Sunday dye job -- and our NFL team -- last night. Left to right: the pale grey went to a lovely soft charcoal and the purple and pink tops went to solid black. The charcoal T goes into the fall clothes, the black top needs extending at the bottom edge and the XXL T, well, maybe another silly/probably too young a style for me chop up number. I've got to the end of the week to finish the you-know-what tub so we'll see what the mood/inclination is by Friday.

I quite like this Van Heusen T picked up at the outlets in Primm earlier this year for a mere 3USD ('course I went right across the mall to the Kate Spade outlet and spent a little more than three bucks there).  After minimal dithering, I chose this camisole made from the leftovers of this dress for the new back panel for my version.

The pink T above right fits snug enough so I had to unpick the overlocked seams. THAT was fun. If I do another, I'll go for a T that simply needs to be fitted anyway. Hmm. Like that black one above.

I unpicked the sides, about five-six inches under the sleeves plus the bottom hem while watching the game with Himself. I'm sensible enough to only watch half of the second game before heading to bed. He drags himself to work on a Monday morning looking a bit bleery eyed. I was bright eyed and bushy tailed at half six -- and I haven't even had coffee yet.

I used the shoulder sleeve seam to measure down six inches/15cm for cutting straight across

then used the back for a template, cutting the bottom a little longer and shaped. I'm not overly keen on the hi/lo look but med/lo I can at least try. The new panel got stitched on, then the sleeves reset. The side seams have been shaped a little at the bottom edge and needed but the tiniest of rolled hem.

It's the perfect thing to wear to brighten up this icky rainy day that was supposed to be devoted to catching up on garden work. Oh well. Maybe by this afternoon.

I briefly toyed with the idea of a wee matching pocket for the front and/or using the rest of the camisole to make binding for the neckline or sleeve hems but it is quite a loud/large print so would lose its effect in smaller size uses IMO.

Better go make coffee. Want a cup, Mary? 


PS - How about it, fellow Editors? Shall we make a new category of Coffee Drinking Refashions on the Pinterest and Instagram accounts?!?


RanchHouse said...

Ready for coffee on the Texas RanchHouse side of the pond in my "new" nightie. I love your suggestion for at home Coffee Drinking Refashions.
On the phone now. But, later (after coffee), I want to really study your post on the big screen. You give some very good ideas for t-shirts here.

Refashion said...

I am intrigued to see what you do with the dyed tee shirts. I like the colour matching on your pink refashion.

Debbie EOD