Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Jean Luc tug

Stand up: tug on the hem of your top. Does Starfleet lack for tailors? I've always wondered.

Of the three tops I dyed black on Sunday, only one needed significant work. There's a sliver of skin showing between the bottom edge and my jeans which The Tug can't fix. That dog don't hunt.


Some leftover fabric (bought in Paris in the spring of 2014) went back and forth


before being chosen for the middle ground. Literally. 

My quilt fabric cutting strips have come in handy recently, haven't they? I cut straight across two inches down from the underarm seams on the top then created a tube of two pieces of feather fabric (slightly wider at the bottom edge, which is hard to see but trust me on it),

then set it between the two shirt halves, 

and ended with top stitching. Got a few options for wearing


including with the scarf already made of this fabric. 


The pale grey top which went to a lovely charcoal in the black dye lot just stays as is (sorry Debbie)


which leaves the XXL men's T for something to play with this evening while waiting for Himself to get home from a very late night flight. I'm thinking something silly -- so long as I can drink coffee in it....


RanchHouse said...

Yes, something silly definitely works for coffee drinking.
Literally got an aaahhh!!!!, when I scrolled down to the finished shirt with the middle panel. Very sharp.

Andrea said...

I love that feather fabric! Glad you found a use for the last bit :)

Andrea EOD