Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Toddler onesie from adult t-shirt

Well, here's one I did a while ago, and I realized that I'd better post it before my daughter gets too big to squeeze into it! I used an old t-shirt and a bit of stretch fabric I had leftover from another t-shirt that I'd cut up already. I followed this tutorial - it was my first try at binding, and I was quite happy with the results:


It's getting a little small on her already (like I said, I did this one a while ago), so stay tuned for the refashion of the refashion! (I'm thinking chop the bottom, add a skirt!)

Thanks for reading!


cfort82 said...

Cute onesie and cuter model.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab

RanchHouse said...

Hi Amy,

The first save was great. How neat that you are ready to Refashion this one again. It will be fun to see the next version.

I changed your labels to show just "Amy Rotini". This label is how Editors of the Day (EOD) are able to give credit for your post.

Thanks for the share,
Mary @ RanchHouse Wednesday EOD