Friday, September 18, 2015

Where ya going?

Barcelona. In early September. Of last year....

Today, class, I'd like to show you a fail. Nothing wrong with that in my book -- failure that is -- so long as you larn sumpthin'.

Last year I though I'd make one of those mash three Ts into one then gather the sides for a dress deals. A pack of burgundy dye only got me to this pink, which I do not object to in theory. In the end it was too much pink, too many gathers and just too casual for wearing out of the house after all. The four pack of unworn Ts were found at a charity shop for a pittance, the dye was on hand so I'm calling this no harm/no foul. Into the knits/jersey/old Ts/airline sleep suits tub it went. 

Out it came -- as all the contents must -- to have the sides slit, the neckline enlarged and the sleeves removed to make a vest I've admired over on Wobisobi for some time. 

I'm tall, but not THAT tall. I trimmed one whole section of T shirt off the bottom, then another

and tagged the scraps for a last infinity scarf before putting this wee vest into the hot summer/tropics vacation clothes box. I'd like to say I'm at the halfway point of clearing out the knits/jersey/old Ts/airline sleep suits tub but it would be a slight exaggeration. It's over a third of the way so maybe we hit the middle point over the weekend.


RanchHouse said...

We love Barcelona, and Madrid, and Granada, and.... anywhere else in Spain. I talk about "just one more trip".
I think of your post as a process. You were working your way to the final result. I can see it as the perfect beach cover-up; over just a suit or with tank and skirt or sundress or shorts.
I am enjoying the tub results.

Carissa said...

I've been meaning to make one of these drapey t-shirt vests. I really love how yours turned out, especially the pink color!