Monday, October 12, 2015

1 paper pattern, 3 tops and where they came from.

Decision time!! This is my first submission and I can't decide where to start!? I'm going to assume that most readers will not be familiar with my blog and so this is probably the post that best shows how I like to work.

  1. using a cheap bought garment from charity shops or sales!
  2. using a garment from my recycling bag
  3. using a bought piece of fabric. (This is my least used method of working) 

These 3 tops are all from the same paper pattern and follow the 3 examples of how I enjoy working. To see where each top originated check my blog

 I do now usually remember to do before and after photos! At the time I was making these I didn't even realise I would start blogging about them. I started working in this way a long time ago, partly because I couldn't stop myself sewing, and nor do I want to and also because I didn't like being restricted in what I wear by the high street stores!?


g.satansbraten said...

As mentioned on your blog and welcome in 'The Club'.
You're already bringing quite some nice ideas along - thank you so very much!

LG, Gerlinde

Refashion said...

Welcome to the Refashion Co op.The three tops look lovely. It would be fascinating to see more of your working processes. Can we see some "before" images next time?

Debbie EOD

Linda Wilson said...

Thank you. I've been refashioning for a long time now, and until I started my blog and looking online I didn't even realise this world existed. It's great!