Friday, October 23, 2015

1940's Wedding dress transformation

My teen daughter bought a 1940's wedding dress from a rummage sale. After we had a fun princess photo session with it, she decided she wanted to make it into something she would actually wear out.

Here is the Before and After:

She began by ripping out the sleeves, and chopping off a good length. I then dipped it into a hunter green dyebath, and it came out this incredible marbled purple!
I finished off the sleeves, neckline, and hemline.
If you would like to see more photos, you can hop on over to Falafel and the Bee.


Andrea said...

I always like a good wedding dress refashion...interesting how the dye came out marbled this way with the purple!

Andrea EOD

Erica Moody said...

I was kinda lazily browsing without focus and passed this post before doing the ol' "wait! go back!" and then scrolled back up to that "after" pic. That's fabulous! I love it!

Samwise J. said...

This is incredible! Both the original dress and the refashioned version. Love love love!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful refashion! I also love how you took advantage of the dress in its before state and took princess photos!