Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A faux fur revamp

It's getting colder here in Scotland, and I do love a faux fur coat. There were so many things I didn't like about this coat! The photo below is before the refashioning.

There was a list of things I didn't like, the shine of the fabric, the indented chevrons, the collar shape, the shiny buttons and in fact I had already shortened the length and the sleeves.

Not being someone to fear a bit of experimentation I got the hair shears and gave it a shave, with a further bit of help from my fabric scissors. This was time consuming, hand hurting and very,very messy!!

I decided to unpick the collar and turn it into a collar and revere. I like this far more. Eventually I thought it was done, but no! The next day I decided to steam the fabric with my iron! This eliminated the shine on the fur. Now it was done!

For a more detailed report on the refashioning of, not only the restyling of the coat, but the manipulation of the faux fur fabric check my blog post here.


Kathy W. said...

OMG - this is AMAZING!

cfortin said...

Fascinating! I would have never thought of that. Love the creativity and the result.

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Linda Wilson said...

Thanks. It did make an awful mess, but it was worth a shot and I'll wear it now.