Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Black Angora No Sew Sweater

 No sewing required today! I bought this sweater dress solely because it was Angora material (and black is always good too). It was only .50 cents!

I cut 20 inches from the bottom and since this material doesn't fray at all, I was done! :)

Happy NO sewing! :)


RanchHouse said...

This should be a great wardrobe staple. Just wondering if you used the cut-off for anything? Thanks for sharing.
Mary @ RanchHouse

Accidental Seamstress said...

Thanks, Mary! I'm actually going to make a skirt out of the bottom scrap... that's the plan any way ;)

jenny_o said...

How easy is that :) Love the necklace against the sweater.

jennifer elliott said...

I love it! I love easy and quick refashions. Nice job.